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ByVerkstedet (NO) x USE Academy: Creating Bottom-up Urban Projects


ByVerkstedet (NO) x USE academy (TALK)
— Creating Bottom-up Urban Projects

ByVerkstedet runs an open-container workshop in Oslo that creates participatory projects that engage the local community. They work with design, crafts, architecture and urban development and explore new ways of collaboration between residents, the private and the public sector.ByVerkstedet works in public spaces where they hosts events and run creative workshops such as Ride On, Hijab & Totes and K1 design studio with local youth. They aim to inspire creativity and practical skills, as well as finding ways to help improve and create sustainable communities, neighborhoods, public spaces and cities.

ByVerkstedet is a non-profit organization established in 2013. ByVerkstedet is currently located at Tøyen, a neighbourhood in Oslo. With its over 50.000 inhabitants (larger than many Norwegian towns), Tøyen is the most densely populated area in the city and a center for cultural diversity.The talk will be a presentation of how ByVerkestedet came to life, based on local know how, volunteerism and steely determination, to developing into an organization working and interacting locally on multiple levels. Through a showcase of various projects, such as Hideaway & Drivhuset - where pupils at two local schools got to design and build their own hangouts, Sykkelfix - a bike workshop run by local youth, and Tool Pool - a concept where people can borrow tools for free at their local library and more, we will share our struggles and our successes.

Find more information about ByVerkstedet here:

Matti Lucie Arentz, bio:
Matti Lucie Arentz is the founder and chairman of the board of ByVerkstedet. The last ten years she has worked as a senior curator at DOGA - Design and Architecture Norway. Matti holds a master in fine arts and in her spare time works as an urban activist, artist and curator within the fields of architecture, urban development and contemporary art. In addition to serving on several boards in national cultural institutions, she has also been an advisor and consultant for art projects in public spaces. Aside from ByVerkstedet, she has experience from hands-on participatory/temporary projects in the development of public spaces, from initiatives such as Tøyenkontoret, Sørenga Bro and acting as the Norwegian node of Danish Bureau Detours.