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The Serpent King by Katarina Sylvan + friends


Welcome to a theatrical & musical night at Non-Space!
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The Serpent King is a theatrical installation by artist Katarina Sylvan on the transformative power of magical thinking. Non–space is transformed into an Arcadian landscape, telling the visual story of the Serpent King in the tradition of the Metamorphoses by Ovid. Remember, things are not always what they appear to be...

During the opening night the exhibition space will by activated by performances by Katarina Sylvan and Frederik Sakham, Christian Windfeld & Timothée Quost.

16.00 Exhibition opens
17.30 Cultural Capital Finale. Let’s go watch the fireworks!
18.00 Reading performance by Katarina Sylvan
18.30 Musical performance by Frederik Sakham, Christian Windfeld & Timothée Quost

We look forward to seeing you!

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About the artists

Katarina Sylvan mixes objects, words and sounds in immersive sceneries. Originally from Stockholm, she is currently studying an MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art in London. 

”I don’t have a manifesto. But I’ve realised that all trash can be gilded, that everything gilded looks trashy and that I can make something out of anything that happens to be laying on the floor. I’m interested in the flux of visual impressions, how they submerge and cement in our subconscious and rise to the surface in dreams and desires. With experience as a painter for theatre, I use set elements like props, scripts and soundtracks to create immersive scenarios, all with their own logic. Anything placed in the same room will inevitably communicate, whether it’s Andy Kaufman in a yellow jumpsuit, a gun, The X-Files theme, or Lady Di. I play a never-ending game with these objects and phenomena, placing them on scales between obscure & exploited, good & evil, true & false, heaven & hell ” Katarina says.


This unique concert-installation creates a sound experience in the exhibition. The three musicians are placed in the exhibition as if they were a part of it, and by morphing a musical land landscape they will bring you deeper and deeper into the universe of The Serpent King. A universe where the magic and the real exist side by side in your mind as well as in the music.

Christian Windfeld - percussion and effects
Timothée Quost - trumpet and effects
Frederik Sakham - Double bass and effects

The concert is a cooperation between non-space, Aarhus2017 and Aarhus Unge Tonekunstnere (AUT).

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Realised with kind support from Aarhus2017 and Konstnärsnämnden.