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Arnar Omarsson: SHIFT

"Look around you. As the world expands, it dreams of its original state of togetherness. The world is made up by relationships that suggest a network. All entities, every object is described in the same terms; as an active element. As an object, at any given moment, you are a product of the space that surrounds you. Everything longs for a relation, to be in a context. Plants, for example thrive in a dialogue between the sun and the soil, and a rock that is sent flying through the air eventually finds the ground again. Stay still and let these surroundings find you. Let them penetrate your senses and flow uncontrollably and forcefully through your mind. Look at yourself as an object of this space and give in to the friction between being and non-being. Give rise to not knowing and surrender to the pleasure of the eternal friction."

Opening friday 3rd March

Exhibition open daily 4th March–10th March

Earlier Event: February 1
Later Event: March 4
USE academy Talks: REITIR(IS)