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AUT in non-space

operatic mass actions intervene in the urban space of Aarhus we aim to emancipate the genre of opera from the grand institutions and their stages. In this urban space the art form will enter into a fluid and changeable context which calls for a more democratic concept of the opera work.

Operatic mass actions will be performed in places where people go about their everyday business and people will be involved actively. In this way the audience will become co-creators of the work and the relation between work and contemporary human beings will generate meaning and significance.

Whether it is in the café environment by the creek of Aarhus, in the foyer of the theatre, in the commercial pedestrian streets, in private living rooms, or in the line of the citizen service centre at the town hall, there will be created a meta-staging of our present life conditions seen through complex artistic filters, and this will take place on the terms of the urban space without the distancing factors of the light effects and the theatre magic. Now it includes self-build instruments, collectives, new extended bel canto singing techniques, noise, visuals, and high-tech interactive elements and a performing ensemble.

About AUT:

Aarhus Unge Tonekunstnere (AUT) create intimate and relaxed concerts and cross-genre cultural events, that also foster open dialogue, exchange, and networking. We want to emphasise the audience’s role in the adventure, and our regular events provide our members and the public with opportunities to hear new music in such diverse places as the comfort of a private living room, under a railway bridge on the outskirts of the city, or at one of the more traditional cultural venues in Aarhus.

AUT is a nonprofit organization for sound arts founded in 1966.

AUT works actively to support local ensembles and initiatives, as well as creating new opportunities for young and contemporary sound arts in Aarhus and Denmark. AUT is led by a diverse group of practicing artists, mirroring the lively milieu surrounding the sound arts in Aarhus.

Later Event: June 16
Sȯ-nə - exhibition