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Sudden Dialogues

🔷 Sudden Dialogues 🔷 is an experimental investigation of social situations, interaction and its byproducts, exploring different ways for communication and sharing of ideas. It imagines new methods for engaging in free conversation with others and helps define possible fields for action that could later be applied within various design processes.

Designers in residence, Maja Kolar and Maša Poljanec from Oazacollective, whose practice focuses on research-oriented work and critical design, will showcase their first draft of outcomes collected during a 2-week stay in Non—space dealing with conception of spaces for achieving dialogue and exchange of perspectives.

Main focus in their Aarhus research was written or spoken conversational transfer between two or more people: What forms do dialogues take?🔹Where can they take place?🔹What content drives them?🔹How to start or stir them?🔹How to make them into channels of meaningful interaction?🔹Which communication methods to hack in order to expand on existing polarizing noise?🔹How to conquer everyday loneliness? 

We invite you to join one of the sessions on Monday, 3rd July between 3PM and 7PM!