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Quantum Breathing – a virtual reality exhibition

Artist Libby Heaney collaborates with ScienceAtHome to explore parallel universes at the intersection of art, science, technology and ethics.

Quantum Breathing is drawn from the reflections and entanglements between the artist’s previous experience working as a quantum physicist; psychological virtual reality experiments; speculating over future technologies; the sculpting of ‘impossible’ quantum forms; conversations with scientists and considerations about the real and virtual, identity and meaning. 

Grounded in research and constructed through fragments of narrative from of Murakami’s ‘Hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world’’, Quantum Breathing, uses the properties of the virtual reality experience itself both outside/IRL and inside VR to question our relationships and transactions with seductive new technologies.

Quantum Breathing is an interactive, virtual reality experience. A 'living' quantum world deconstructs classical reality as users become a quantum particle. The virtual reality experience explores the storytelling possibilities of quantum mechanics, using quantum calculations as a medium to create new narratives. 

Alongside the main exhibition, we invite everyone to explore quantum physics in an experimental Quantum Game Cafe over a cup of coffee.

The exhibition open 5th–12th August
Every day 14h00–18h00

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